An easily detectable solution for added saftey, reduction of time wasting and damage



Detectable underground warning tape is the innovative solution to marking below pipework, cables and systems to lower cost, time wasting and increase safety. 

Our UK based factory manufacture in house, giving us control of quality from start to finish. Our tape complies with ENA TS 12-23 Issue 23 2013.

Made from a low density Polythene and stainless steel wires, our product is approved by utilities companies around the world.

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Here are some of the benefits to using detectable underground warning tape:

  • High grade low density polyethylene polymers

  • Resistant to most soil types including alkaline and acidic soils

  • Printed with lead free pigments

  • Detectable up to 30cm below ground level

  • Custom manufacturing options to allow for company recognition

  • Extra safety precaution for workers

  • Reduces time wasting


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Our products are manufactured in the heart of Lancashire

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